These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for using SEER*Stat to calculate statistics, view database values, and export results.

These tutorials are designed for SEER*Stat Version 8.3.9 and the 1975-2018 SEER Data. See the SEER*Stat help system for a description of the statistics calculated by SEER*Stat.

Frequencies - The Fundamentals

  • Introduction to SEER*Stat
  • Creating User-defined Variables
  • Customizing Results

Case Listings - Individual Cancer Cases

  • View Individual Records and Patient Histories
  • Export Data into SAS and for Use in Other Software

Rates and Trends

  • Age-adjusted Incidence Rates
  • Trends in Rates
  • Delay Factors

Survival & Left Truncated Statistics

  • Relative Survival
  • Period Survival
  • Cause-specific Survival
  • Left Truncated Life Tables

Advanced Statistical Topics

  • Prevalence
  • Multiple Primary - Standardized Incidence Ratios

Using County Attribute Data