These exercises assume that you are familiar with using SEER*Stat. If you are just getting started, be sure to do the introductory tutorials first.

Relative Survival

Survival Exercise 1: Introduction to Survival Statistics
  • Calculate 5-year relative survival
  • Standard selections in a survival session
  • SEER databases with varying years of diagnosis per registry

Period Survival

Survival Exercise 2: Period Survival Statistics
  • Define summary intervals
  • Display the life tables

Cause-specific Survival

Survival Exercise 3: Calculating Cause-Specific Survival
  • Define cause of death for cause-specific survival
  • Specify special intervals as the conditional survival criteria

Left Truncated Life Tables

Left Truncated Exercise 1: Lung and Bronchus Cancer
  • Calculate a life table consisting of the probability of dying of causes other than the diagnosed cancer.
  • Employ age at diagnosis as a time axis and take left-truncated feature of the data into account.
  • Calculate expected survival probabilities (Ederer II) based on U.S. life tables for comparison.