With the release of SEER*Stat 8.3.6, the SEER*Stat server used to run the software and access data in client-server mode was upgraded to Linux OS CentOS 7. With this upgrade, the server was moved to a different IP address:

Important Dates

August 8, 2019

  • SEER*Stat server is moved to the new IP address and version 8.3.6 is released on the new server.
  • To upgrade to SEER*Stat 8.3.6 at this time, you must change your hostname settings in SEER*Stat from "seerstat.imsweb.com" (old IP Address) to " seerstat-btp-prod.imsweb.com" (new IP Address).

August 22, 2019

  • The IP address associated with "seerstat.imsweb.com" will change to the new IP address.
    • If you changed your hostname settings to "seerstat-btp-prod.imsweb.com", they can be changed back to "seerstat.imsweb.com".
  • If you had to make an exception to your firewall settings to allow SEER*Stat to work previously, you will need do that again for the new IP Address:
  • If you are not able to auto-update at this point (due to firewall restrictions or IT staff software approval requirements), you can continue using SEER*Stat software version 8.3.5 for two more weeks on the previous IP address by changing the hostname from "seerstat.imsweb.com" to "pepper.imsweb.com". Both port 2038 and 2039 will work. 

September 5, 2019

  • SEER*Stat 8.3.5 will no longer be supported in client-server mode and the old server will be stopped. At this time, you must switch the hostname from "pepper.imsweb.com" back to "seerstat.imsweb.com".

Changing Hostname Settings

  1. Open SEER*Stat.
  2. Select "Preferences" under the Profile menu. You cannot have any open SEER*Stat sessions at this time.
  3. Click "Add Server..." in the Data Locations section and edit the Hostname field.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Make sure the new server is selected under Data Locations, and any previous SEER*Stat servers are deactivated.
  6. Click OK to save the settings.